a haiku

A hollow forming

wings as delicate as lace

flutter to make change.



Transformed to completion

Time lived enduring

ache. Persisting,struggling

as captive. A cycle

of time transforming

lived to completion.



Post-O-Graph#3. Pupa. Butterflies will not achieve their intricate patterns; lesser known is the pupa that has to do with it all. Each butterfly is designed in such that each of them is unique from one another. (C) @IntrvrtdPyrmd. 2017





Hi this is Introverted Pyramid, where stories are real, they can be yours.

“We all have stories. Though not everything is told, some may come in pictures and fragments of thoughts. In any way we all have something to share.” Thank you for keeping up with us, we’re now on our third post in this collection!



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