Pine trees, fresh flowers, crisp green vegetables, strawberries and the cold weather. These are just some of the local treasures you look for in the Cordillera.

Aside from the homegrown goods and tourism spots, the region is also abundant with conscientious people. These type of folks are known for their diligence in what they do. Common but slightly noticeable is the gesture of engaging in small talks. Having influenced by their indigenous cultural background, you might see them gathered around and focused in a casual or intimate conversations.

With this kind of culture, locals would enjoy mini “fellowships”, small-group gatherings, and dates over coffee. These days, when you hear coffee, Baguio City and the province of Benguet is what you think of.

The people here knows how to keep it cool and calm. Another treasure of this region are their communities whose nature of warm, composed, and soft-spoken individuals rule in their atmosphere. They may be reserved, but one of their best qualities is they know how to treat a company. And a café is just where you want to be with these people.

The cold weather and the people who love good small talks make cafés thrive in this region. Session Road in Baguio has been too overrated now. Especially during tourists’ peak periods of February to May, you would want to avoid getting head and shoulders with the crowd. Here, check out new spots for cafés and coffee shops owned by our local Cordillera businessmen. It is worth a try!


Take a sneak: Baguio & La Trinidad Cafés

Santeria@SUBS photo by Grassroots Advocate

SUBS. From the word submarine, the sandwich and the underwater craft where it is derived from, a hip food house in town especially for students in the nearby University belt, is SUBS. Located at New Lucban in Baguio City, as the name implies, SUBS offers submarine sandwiches, a type of sandwich which is huge and originally takes the shape of a submarine.

Subs interior

SUBS is best when going with your barkada for a foot long size sandwiches stuffed with savory fillings. One sandwich is good for one to two persons with fries on the side. By the way, their fries is really good as it has a unique crisp on the outside then melts in your mouth. You can also alter your sandwich into a bowl of a rice meal.

Good things come for those who share. Sharing makes your friendship tight but you can also afford good and tasty food when you’re tight in the budget. Do not be fooled by the tiny chairs and tables at SUBS. Check it out to taste and see their pastas that comes in satisfying servings. Also get a tension tamer experience with a pot of their


“teasence” which come in different tastes and aroma. For only 50 php you can enjoy 3-4 cups of naturally brewed tea leaves. 

Agshan AdHALF CUP. One of the best way to have a break from the hustling crowds in Baguio, is a ten peso ride to La Trinidad. Along KM.5 road, treat yourself at Half Cup Café and Bakeshop with free-flowing coffee and low sugar cupcakes sold at 35 php each. 

The shop is located at Tokiko building, in KM 5. It is a tiny but cozy place good for bible studies or small group dates or gathering.

IMG_6212 (2)
Ube Macapuno Cupcake @HalfCup

The place is a nice spot if you just simply enjoy coffee and cupcakes while playing your favorite childhood board games like, UNO. Hang out at Half Cup with your friends and try other games they have. Half Cup is owned by a very nice lady who creates personalized cupcakes for orders. HalfCup@facebook


IMG_6211 (3)
Classic Chocolate @ Half Cup photo by Grassroots Advocate

KAI CAFÉ. From free-flowing coffee, Kai café at KM 4 serves you with overflowing internet access. Which is just perfect if café or coffee shops is where you want to unwind and stay for long hours to spend a “me” time or time with your friends. You would be wanting to have a longer time staying at the café while you enjoy tasty and filling servings of food in a modern Japanese inspired interior and cozy spot at the business district of the “rur-ban” municipality. Imagine a living room full of more than one living room set, your friends and others will definitely have a place. The place is good if you want to have group reviews or just study by yourself. They also have a large shelf of reading materials which you can just grab from their shelves if you only want to spend hours at the café.

Kai cafe


Enjoy a pot of brewed coffee or tea that is already good for 2-3 persons for less than a hundred pesos. Their menu also offers wide choices of cold drinks from shakes to mock-tails. They also offer all time café favorites from pastries to pastas.

A personal favorite is their bowl of fresh green salads in a generous serving. You can choose from the varieties of dressings that suits your tastes. They also have rice meals which are also generously served.


KAIRUZ CAFÉ. Lined along the establishments across the State University at La Trinidad, anther homey Café owned by a very friendly lady is Kairuz Café. If you are a self-professed coffee addict then fill that need for belongingness at Kairuz located at KM 6. For 60 pesos you can enjoy 3 mugs of “Coffee Overdose”. With less than a hundred you can enjoy cups of coffee and other drinks with a favorite café sweets and pastries, and a dose of practical wisdom which reminds us that “Man does not live on bread alone, have some coffee”.” target=”_blank”>CordiCoffeeLovers

Kairuz also gives special promos if you become a regular patron. Just ask the group of friendly staff for a coupon to be stamped in exchange for a price! Check it to see! Kairuz@Facebook Cafe” target=”_blank”>

Matcha ice cream @ Kairuz Cafe

photo by KairuzCafe


COFFEE MATTERS. Isolating itself from the commercial road of Session, in Baguio City a small short escape can be at Coffee Matters, located at the same spot as Hebrews Café years ago. If sipping a warm cup of coffee while looking at a bird’s eye view of a city is what matters for your choice of café, then indeed Coffee Matters!    


@ Coffee Matters

If you are a true blue pure-black-coffee fan, sip a MUG! (say it with a lower tonal voice for emphasis) of brewed roasted cordi-coffee beans for less than a dollar at Coffee Matters. What’s special about them is that they serve it with muscovado sugar instead of regular one.

You can enjoy an awkwardly settling silence in the middle of the city while drinking coffee of your choice or have a nice serene jump-start of your day with their breakfast meals. Or try their specialties of frappes which is a personal mix of the owner. It is owned and run by a former Air Force (which you will realize when you read their menu, check it out) with his wife, who was former teacher in a school in Baguio, and their children. Coffee Matters @ Facebook @


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